Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 2020

10 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers (Must Have) 2020

If you are a blogger and want to grow your blog faster in 2020. Then you must have to give it more time and more hard work. There is no way to skip it.

But what you can do is speeding the process. Yes, you can speed up your blog growth over time and save much time for you. Here increase speed doesn’t mean that you will rank in number one position in Google.

Instead, it means to speed up your blogging. So how can you do that? With best blogging tools.

Or lets say with best chrome extensions. Nowadays most of the bloggers use Google Chrome to do blogging because of many advanatges like speed and advanced features. And also because google chrome has the largest extension library in its store.

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Being a blogger and growing a blogger is difficult task. But with correct blogging tools, you can save a lot of time on Keyword Search, Writing a Blog or Sharing it to your audience.

Doesn’t matter how much time it will take to rank high but i gurantee that it will speed up your process and save a lot of time.

So lets start and have a look at best chrome extensions for bloggers.

10 Best Chrome Extension for Bloggers in 2020 (Free & Paid)

In this post i am going to share the top 10 excellent blogging chrome extension that are recommended by many pro bloggers and also used by me.

This chrome extension helps me a lot to save my time and speed up blogging process. Like now i don’t need to worry about grammar in my blog post because Grammarly does that for me.

Just like Grammarly, there are lot of blogging tools or chome extensions are available for bloggers to help them out in chrome store.

All you need to find which is useful for you and download them.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly - Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

If you are a blogger who commits plenty of mistakes while writing a blog post. Then Grammarly is the mus use chrome extension for you.


Because it will make your blog post a well professional written without silly grammar mistakes in the post. Grammarly will suggest the correction for mistakes that you did while writing a blog post.

Not only words but it will also help to write a correct sentence. Grammarly analyze your blog post and gives you suggestion according to grammar and improve your blog post.

All you need to download Grammarly Chrome Extension and login with your free account. You can also use Grammarly for Google Sheets and Word.

Thats it. Grammarly will take care of your grammar mistakes.

2. SEOquake

Seoquake - Best Chrome Extension for SEO

SEOquake is another best chrome extension for bloggers. Before writing a blog post you need do a lot of Keyword Research and yes you require the best keyword research tools for that.

And many times you also have to check website domain authority, page authority and On-Page SEO optimization. SEOquake is the best chrome extension to analyze any blogs On Page Optimization.

You can get data about Do-Follow backing, No Follow Backlinks, On-Page Keywords, Title Optimization and Meta descriptions. It is very helpful to know how your competitors write a blog post.

Also it will help you to know what keywords are they targeting in their blog post.

3. Buffer

Buffer - Social Media Automation Chrome Extension for Bloggers

Many of you may be aware of Buffer. If not then let me tell you. Buffer is a Social Media Automation tool. It will help you to automate you social media post.

Buffer help you to schedule you social media post for 7 days in free version and you can connect upto 4 Social Media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.

For my recommendation buffer is best alterbnative to hobpost for automation. So just download buffer chrome extension and automate your socail networks.

4. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot - Best Chrome Extensions

Awesome Screenshot is the best Google Chrome Extension when it comes to screenshot.

It is free and offer a tons of options to customize your captured screenshot easily.

With the Awesome Screenshot, you can take a screenshot of whole Page, selected page, selected region and whole visible screen. To speed up the screenshot you can use the keyword shortcuts like Ctrl + Shift + E to capture the entire page.

So next time when you making a step by step guide or tutorial try Awesome Screenshot to capture your screen. You can also customize these captured screenshots with many option like highlighter, marker, pen, and others.

So dont wait and watch, download it now from Chrome Store.

5. Email Hunter

Hunter Chrome Extension

Hunter is an email address finding tool that helps you to find email address of owner or any persion just by typing the blog address.

This is best chrome extension for blogger when it comes for doing outreach for building backlinks for blog. This is the most effective method of link building and for this you will need Hunter to find email addresses of bloggers.

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Using the hunter is very easy all you need to visit the blog from where you want to find the email. No just tap of hunter chrome extension icon and it will find all email address in that particular blog.

So next time when you do outreach to build backlinks don’t forget to use Hunter.

6. MozBar

Mozbar Chrom Extension for Bloggers

If you are a SEO freek then you must have visited many times. Mozbar is a product which helps to find Domain Authority, Page Authority and Backilinks of Page.

This is the best chrome extension in the term of Backlink Building. You can easily get details of you competitor with a free moz extension.

Mozbar will make your process even easier when you type an keyword on Google Search.

Below every search query it will show Domain & Page Authority, Total Linking Pages and more. Just like the below image.

If SEO is a part of your marketing strategy, MozBar can save you a lot of time by helping you weed out all the low-quality sites that aren’t worth getting a backlink from.

7. Color Pick EyeDropper

Color Pick Eyedropper Chrome Extension

When you design your new blog or any website you need to think more on its color template. Because colors are part of you website which can attract more visitors.

I know it is very difficult to find a perfect color for a blog and to solve these problem Color Pick Eyedropper is the must-use tool.

It will help to pick a color from any webpage or an image and help you to find a hex code for that.

Just open any webpage or image for which you want to know hex. Now click on the chrome extension icon and point dropper on the image. It will give you the hex code for that color.

8. Stay Focus


If you always lose you focus while working on a blog then this tool is the best fit for you. I know nowadays losing focus is a common problem.

We all sometimes lose our focus because of sites like Facebook and Youtube. But we both now that these time wasting does not going to pay our bills.

So stop wasting time time on Facebook for fun instead try harder on your blog.

Stay Fous chrome extension helps to keep our focus on work by blocking time-wasting sites like Facebook after a predetermined time.

All you need to set the time limit for your regular activities like checking Email, Facebook and others. Once your time is over, Stay Focus will block these site til next day.

9. Similar Web


Similar Web is the easiest method to check the website growth and allows you to analyze the traffic of a site.

It is one of the best chrome extension analytical tools to analyze your blog growth and have an eye on top ranking keywords and pages.

It also shows the total organic growth of your blogs and lists various sources from where traffic is arriving to your blog.This tool is very helpful for me to keep an aye on my competitor’s growth.

This is absolutely a free chrome extension tool and you can also upgrade to get more features.

10. Last Pass

LastPass Password Manager Chrome extension

Building backilins fo a blog is never an easy task. You have to apply a lot of strategy for that. While doing Off-Page SEO for a blog you have to build backlinks from many social media sites and other platforms where you initially sign up.

But most of time a blogger don’t remember username and password which he used to signup for a particular service. In that case, you need a Password Manger.

Last Pass is a password manager which helps in storing in your username and password at one place. These stored passwords are secured by a master password.

So next time when you vist a particular site LastPass will automatically fills username and password for that. So there no need to remember a number of the password.

Summing Up

I have shared 10 best chrome extensions for bloggers to save a lot of time of you while blogging. Apart from these there are lot of chrome extensions available on Google Chrome Store which are not listed in list.

But here i have shared my favorite chrome extension that i use in daily life to do blogging. So comment down which you like the most.

Rahul Yogi

Rahul Yogi

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