Tip to write a Powerful Blog Description

Blog Description: Tips to Write A Powerful Description

Do you want to rank your website high on the SERP? you have to focus on more than 200 SEO Ranking Factors.

And this is the most blogger recommended. But completing all the 200 SEO factors is not possible at all. This requires a lot of time and a powerful strategy.

But most of the bloggers nowadays do silly mistakes like not giving importance to blog description. This is the biggest mistake every beginner makes.

Having a perfect blog description encourages the visitor to click on your blog link in the SERP. Why? Because this gives them an idea of what the blog is about and what it contains.

Most of the users click only on the links which have a good blog description after the title. If you don’t have a good one, no one clicks on your blog link. That’s why I am sharing some effective tips to master blog description.

What is Blog Description?

Blog description i.e meta description is the set of the words that appear right below your website link in the SERP. From this, a visitor gets an idea of what the blog is about.

For example, when you search this site bloggerhunt in google you will see a screenshot like below. Here the set of words that are written under the title is called blog description.

Bloggerhunt Blog description

Now you know that what is blog description. But wait do you know why they are important?

  1. For Branding: When people search your blog on Google the first thing they notice is your blog description. If it is meaningful and attractive then you will lure to lick on your blog link. But if you don’t have a perfect description then these will hurt your branding.
  2. Attract More visitors: If you write a powerful blog description then the peoples will click on your blog title and these will also increase your CTR. This is what Google sees to up-rank a website on SERP.

So, I hope now you understand how much important is a blog description. Let’s go through type of meta description.

There atre mainely two type of description.

1. Blog description: This is the description of your blog’s homepage that appears below your home page title in SERP.

2. Post Description: This is the description of your post in the blog that appears below your post title in SERP.

How to Write A Blog Description?

If you are using a WordPress then it would be super easy to write a blog description. As the WordPress extend its functionality by using many SEO plugins.

If you are not using an SEO Plugin till now then I will recommend you install one because it will help you to write a blog description along with an on-page SEO recommendation.

There are the two ways to right blog description in WordPress.

1. Using Yoast SEO Plugin

If you using WordPress and already installed Yoast SEO Plugin then you follow the below steps to write an effective blog description.

  • Go to “Yoast SEO” setting  
  • Now click on the “Title and meta” option.
  • After that click on the “Homepage” option. 
  • Now, in the “meta description” field, write a powerful description that describes your blog.
How to add blog description in Yoast SEO Plugin

You can also write a Blog title and keywords from here.

Now lets see how to write a killer meta description in the Rank Math SEO plugin.

2. Using RankMath SEO Plugin

The process is similar to the Yoast SEO Plugin. Follow the below steps to write a powerful homepage description in Rank Math SEO Plugin.

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to Rank Math Setting.
  • Select the Title and Meta from the option.
  • Here you will see a lot of options like homepage title and homepage description. In the field of homepage meta description write your meta description for the homepage.
How to add blog description in Rank Math SEO Plugin

You can also add the gomepage title description in the filed homepage title.

I hope that you now understood how to add meta description in the blog using Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO plugin. Now its time to show some best meta description examples to get an overview of how to write an effective meta description.

6 Best Powerful Blog Description Examples

Now you got enough ideas about blog description and how to write them in WordPress. Lets us look at the powerful blog description example written by professional bloggers in different niche.

Here i have added the meta description examples of

  • Meta Description of Health Blog
  • Blog Post Description of Travel Blog
  • Description of Blogging Blog
  • SEO Blog
  • Meta Description of Technology Blog

Check the meta description examples of all blogs and get an overview of perfect meta description examples.

Example 1: Tech Radar (Technology Blog)

Blog Description Example

Why it is Good? They start their description with an attention-grabbing line that is the latest technology news and reviews, this means that the visitors will always receive the latest and fresh news about technology. Also, they have mentioned that they cover gadgets and home entertaining system.

Example 2: Backlino (SEO Blog)

Blog Description Example 1

Why it is Good? They describe the benefit of reading the blog by adding the powerful word like Next Level SEO training and Link Building Strategy. From this, a visitor gets an idea of what the blog is about and what they would gain by reading this blog.

Example 3: Nerd Fitness (Health Blog)

Blog Description Example

Why it is Good? They describe that by reading their blog you will lose your weight and live a better life. The main intention of the blog is already shown with a simple line.

Example 4: ShoutMeLoud

Blog Description Example

Why it os Good? They showed their blog authority by writing an Award-winning blog. From this, the users get the idea that the blog is authoritative and the content is legit. Also, they mentioned that the blog cover WordPress, SEO, and money-making articles.

Exapmle 5: BloggingLift (Blogging Blog)

Blogginglift Description Example

Why it is Good? Because they mentioned the topics they covered on the blog and also describe that the topic is easy to understand for a newbie who wants to earn money online. This describes the readability ease of the blog.

Example 6: Engadget (Technology Blog)

Blog Description Example Engadget

Why it is Good? Because they have mentioned that the blog covered all technology and reviews. Also, they have stated that they are trustworthy by writing a founding date.

I think now you have got idea how to wite a meta decription that are not only iformartove but also eye catcvhing. This will help to incrase CTR of your blog.

How to Write Blog Post Description?

Blog post description is the set of text that appears right below your blog post title in the SERP. It is just like the homepage description but instead of increasing CTR of homepage its works for individual blog posts.

If you are using an SEO plugin like rank math or Yoast you may notice this below the WordPress editor. From here you can write a powerful blog post description.

Both the plugin will guide you to write a master blog post description by giving you suggestions like not to write more than 160 characters and more.

Tips to write a killing Blog Post Description.

  • It should be easy to understand so that people can understand what the post is about/.
  • Include focus keyword in the post description.
  • Use normal words.
  • Add the Call to action button.
  • Analyze competitor’s blog post description by using Deatilaed SEO extension and write a more powerful and effective description.
  • Use LSI keywords.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Make it short and sweet. Don’t go over 160 characters.
  • Use a related long-tail keyword.

How to Add Blog Description in Blogger?

If you are using blogger (blogspot.com) and are struggling to write a blog description then follow the below guide.

  1. First of all open Blogspot Dashboard.
  2. Head over to Setting in the left sidebar of the dashboard.
  3. Click on search preference under the setting option.
  4. A new page will open where you can add the description of your blog.
Write blog description on blogger

Note: Don’t forget to turn on the option “enable search description” this will help to showcase the description of your blog in Google. If you don’t enable this your description will not be visible in SERP.

How to add Blog Post Description on Blogspot platform?

It is very easy to add a blog post description in the blogger platform. All you need to go to the blogger editor dashboard and click on the search preference in the left sidebar of the editor.

How to add blog post description in blogger

Now here enter the custom blog post description which you want to showcase to SERP. To get the most out of benefits don’t forget to apply killer tips while writing blog post description.

5 Killer Tips to Write a Blog Post Description

Here are the 5 best killer tips that will help you to write a powerful blog post description that ranks in google.

  • Use Keywords. Naturally, use your focus keyword in the post description. So this will be easy to understand to crawlers about your focus keyword. If the focus keyword is unfit remove it.
  • Add the LSI keyword. Try to add one LSI keyword weather a long tail or a short tail. Don’t repeat the same keyword this will create keyword stuffing and Google may penalize you.
  • Include Power Words: Including the power words like Solved, Effective will increase your CTR and make you more click.
  • Not More Than 160 Characters: Make your post description short and sweet. Don’t go beyond 160 characters this will make your post long and less meaningful adit is uncompleted.
  • Be Unique: Make your post description unique from your competitors. This will make your blog stand out in a crowd of lots of competitors because your blog is unique.
  • Add Call to Action: Call to action button increase ctr. So you should add a call to action button to make more click to your blog.

How to Optimize Keyword in Blog Post Description?

The answer is simple, naturally, add the keyword in blog post description and don’t repeat the keyword as it is keyword stuffing and Google hates it.

Repeating the keywords, again and again, is called keyword stuffing and this many penalize your blog if you repeatedly do son.

Follow the below tips to optimize keywords in blog post description.

  1. Use the LSI keyword.
  2. Add the Related keyword. This will increase the keyword relevancy and Google love it.
  3. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Final Words

I hope that you understand what is blog description and how to add them to the blogger and WordPress platform.

Here I covered all the topics related to blog post description and now you will no need a blog post description generator tool to add meta description on your blog. If you found the article helpful then leave a comment and let us know is this helpful for you or not.

Rahul Yogi

Rahul Yogi

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