15+ Essential WordPress Plugins You Must Have as A Beginner

If you have a great tool then you can do anything that can be done with all that. That’s also happened with WordPress, as a beginner, you must have the Essential WordPress Plugins to make most of WordPress blog and increase chances of your success.

A number of WordPress plugins are available on the WordPress directory as well as outside of it. You can find some of them as good and some as wastage of resources.

Choosing the right WordPress Plugin helps you a lot to increase the WordPress success rate and increase the overall traffic to your blog. Thus it is a very essential need of every blogger and a website designer.

One of the most important thing about the WordPress Plugin provided in this list is that they all are well tested and recommended by experts and also they get periodically updates.

So let’s have a look at the Essential WordPress Plugins according to their way of use and popularity.

Basic WordPress Plugin You Must Use

1. Jetpack


It is the most popular and most recommended plugin by expert and even also by WordPress (Developed by Automatic). It comes with the various features that will take your blog to a new level.

Jetpack can takes care of your WordPress Speed, Security, Performance and also handle your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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Most of the features used by peoples are Publicize which automatically share your blog post to all social networking to increase post engagement. It also includes a lazy loading feature which will help your site to load faster and also help in SEO ranking.

2. Akismet

Akismet - Essential WordPress Plugin

Akismet is another plugin developed and maintained by WordPress (Matt and Automatic Team) which comes by default in your core installation of WordPress.

It is basically an Anti-Spam Plugin which helps to control spam on your WordPress comments and overall increase the security of your WordPress Blog.

A free version of Akismet has a limited function while you can buy Premium version to get more control over comments and better spam protection.

3. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 essential WordPress Plugin

Contact Form 7 is the oldest and the most popular plugin for designing a contact form for WordPress.

The most useful parts beginners can find is that it is available as free and you can use it one as many sites you want there is no restriction.

Even though it is free it comes with basic features and limited support,. Sometimes new users find it difficult but trust me you can easily use it without any problem and will stand as still.

You can also use the other Contact forms like WP Form, Formidable Forms, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms if you need more features and good support as compared to Contact Form 7.

4. Regenerate Thumbnail


As the name suggests this plugin help you to regenerate thumbnail for the images you have uploaded to the WordPress directory.

Sometimes there are issues in the WordPress where you are unable to see a thumbnail of images or they are not in proper size in these type of cases Regenerate Plugin helps you to generate a thumbnail for all the images in one click.

If you have recently uploaded any images or you don’t want to waste time on resizing it you can use regenerate thumbnail plugin for that also.

5. Insert Headers & Footers


While managing WordPress site or just setting up for the first time you need to put some codes in the header for search engine verification or ads etc.

Header & Footers is a simple tool which allows you to put any code in the Header & Footer section of your WordPress without even changing your theme files.

It is very helpful for the beginners who don’t have much knowledge of coding and don’t want to break their theme.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly - Essential WordPress Plugin

Bloggers or a content writer have to write too many words in the blogging platform to stand out and create some high-quality content.

But there are always chances of mistyped words which accidentally done while typing at a speed, and this will make your reader sad.

Grammarly is the solution for all your Grammer problems, it will automatically correct the mistyped words and phrases as you hover on the words. It will indicate the grammar problems with the red underline and offers you to correct it.

For a blogger and a content writer, Grammarly is the most essential plugin to use it everyday.

Best Plugins to Speed up WordPress

7. WP Super Cache


WP Super Cache is the most used WordPress plugin ever and most recommended by top theme developer to use to speed up WordPress.

As the name suggest its a Cache Optimizer plugin which can store your cache on user browser and speed your page loading time. The secreet behing becomeing most popular of WP Super Cache is that free of cost.

8. WP-Optimize


WP-Optimize is a great tool for cleaning up WordPress data and optimizing it for best performance and speeding up page loading time.

There are too many waste data stored in the WordPress database that you even don’t know and that suck and increase the weight of your Blog.

WP-Optimize clean this type of Waste data stored in the database like Spammy comments, Post Revision, Pingback, Trackback, Trash post, etc.

9. W3 Total cache


Caching is the best way to increase the overall speed of your site, the basic behind the caching is to store the post and images as a cache so when a user visited again it will load resources faster.

W3 Total cache is integrated with the best caching option and also it has a CDN which reduce page loading time and increase the speed.

It also provides minification option like CSS and HTML Minification and overall increases the speed of WordPress up to 80% which overall increase the SEO of the blog.

You can also use WP Super Cache which is the best alternative of W3 Total Cache. Both of the plugins are worked best for speed and cache things.

10. WP Smush


This plugin is available free as well as premium if you want more features of it. It basically compresses all the images you upload to your WordPress Blog Post and compresses them to serve them faster to users.

WP Smush provides various features like Bulk smushing, Directory Smushing, JPG to PNG Converter and much more to compress the images speedy and in a single click.

A smushing plugin can help you a lot by compressing high-quality images to regular image even without affecting the quality of images.

11. WP Rocket


WP Rocket is the most used plugin and even I use it on my various blog including this blog. Yes, I recommended this plugin above all cache plugins as it has all the feature of above-discussed plugins.

It includes caching and minification of HTML, CSS and js files in a click and automatically also you don’t have to manually clear cache it takes care of all that.

It also includes a free CDN like CloudFare to serve the pages faster by the nearby server. Along with this it also smushes all your images to serve faster and speeds up the page with lazy loading.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

12. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO - Essential WordPress Plugin

Search engines are the major source of traffic for every site. Almost all the internet users use the Search Engines to grow their website traffic base an nd become popular.

A good SEO ranking can help your blog post to rank in Googles number one position which also help you to create more earning from the advertising network.

Yoast SEO Plugin also does the same it guides you to increase the overall SEO ranking of your site by using a various tool like Readability analysis, Keyword Analysis, Snippets, etc.

First, of it guide you to choose the best Keyword plugin for your blog and later its also suggest you make your content a valuable piece by analyzing the readability of post and titles.

It uses an indicator like Green, Orange, and Red to indicate the post quality and chances of getting in the top 10 of Google Search.

13. Rank Math SEO


Rank Math is the best choice for beginners when it comes to great SEO and also a no investment. Yes, its available free with all the features packed in to boost your ranking in search engines.

Easy to follow setup just like as Yoast SEO but with more advanced manual modes to set SEO according to you and also provide you the easy and clean interface.

It was packed with the features like custom 404 handler, Rich Schema Snippets, Best Post readability, and Seo techniques and hints. Alon with this it also provides a local on page SEO test to test your sites or page Score.

What I love about the plugin is it is freemium available for all the users since its recently launched but it has more support and latest updates periodically to WordPress.

14. All In One SEO

All In One - Essential WordPress Plugin

If you want to rank higher in the Search Engines then you need a good SEO plugin which helps you to fly in the sky.

All in One SEO was created in 2007 by Michel Torbert and Steve Mortiboy. With the massive user base, it becomes the most downloaded SEO plugin and becomes more popular.

It is just like other plugins which have features like Rich Snippet, 404 Error, Content Analysis feature and Keyword Tectis.

With many advanced features and most recommendation, it becomes more popular.

Best WordPress Social Engagement Plugin

15. Mailchimp


When it comes about growing your traffic and creating a great userbase the list cannot be completed by MailChimp.

MailChimp is the plugin which turns you visitor into permanent subscribers by offering them to signup for a newsletter. It also sends the content to the user’s email once it published on your blog.

You can design MailChimp as you want also you can set up your email content design to bring users immediately to your sites with good content.

MailChimp provides an easy and clean interface from where you can manage to your subscribers, delete or add other subscribers. It also helps to limit spamming on your blog and all this are done for free.

16. OneSignal Push

OneSignal - Essential WordPress Plugin

A notification is the best way to bring more visitors to your blogs. Since most of the user uses devices Mobile devices and they love to get their news and content with a notification.

OneSignal Push helps you to send your blog post as a Notification to the user devices whether it is Android, iOS or Windows no matters it works on all the devices.

It provides a cool and beautiful notification that you can also modify according to you. It is absolutely free and sends as many push notification you want to all your visitors with a single click.

We have also used this OneSignal on our Blog, if you are a new visitor then you probably see it on the left side of the screen with a Bell icon.


Plugins are the most important things for a WordPress user to get the most strong user base and drive a good traffics. Use Only that plugin which is helpful and you really need for your blog. According to me, less than 20 plugins is good for a blog for a great design with good speed which matters a lot to rank in Search Engines.

All the Essential WordPress Plugins discussed here are used and recommended by most of the users. If you have don’t used then give a try you will surely benefit from it.

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