How to start a blog in 2020

How To Start A Blog In 2020 (Step By Step Guide)

So you want to start a blog in 2020.

Well, thats a right decision not that you are starting in 2020 but at least you are starting. I know that before starting a blog in 2020 you have too many question bombarding in your mind. And believe me, in this post I am going to be an answer of your every question.

Does 2020 is the right time to start a blog? Yes, 2020 is the right time to start a blog if you have not started yet. Let me prove how its best time to start a blog.

Suppose if you want to start a blog in 2010 when there are no more crazes about blogging and making money from the internet. No digital marketing, no affiliate marketing and also no too many bloggers.

Because at that time most of the peoples don’t know about blogging and also there are not too many resources available from where you can get help to start a blog.

So if you start a blog in 2010 it’s very difficult for you to setup a blog, take care of blog and do SEO. So whenever you stuck at a point in blogging there is nobody to help you out of that problem.

But this is not similar in 2020. If you stuck in blogging you can search your problem over Google and you will have a lot on answers already published there. From 2010 to 2020 blogging has grown a much. Now everyone is running towards blogging.


Because blogging is the best source to earn money and share your knowledge to world. It doesn’t matter for what purpose you use blog but you can reach to more people with help of blogging.

Many of people had made blogging as a full time carrier to earn a lot of money. Yes you can also do that but you should know how and why you actually need to start a blog?

Why to Start a Blog?

There are many reason to start a blog and some of them are listed below. But most of them are just only because they want to build their carrier in blogging and want to earn some bucks.

  • To Express Yourself – Blogging is the platform that allows you to express yourself in front of your audience.
  • To Help Others – If you are one who love to help others by sharing your ideas then blogging is for you.
  • To Make Money – If you want to make money you could do that by blogging. You can earn money by various methods if you are in field of blogging.
  • To increase self-confidence

There are many method to earn form a blog. You can apply affiliate links to your blog or you can also use Google Adsense and show ads to your audience.I know who would not love earn money from blogging.

So first make your goals clear that why you want to start a blog in 2020. If you want to start a blog to earn money then only focus on earning money. Its very necessary to have a clear goal before starting a blog or a company.

How to Start A Blog in 2020

So if you have made your goals clear then its time to start a blog. Starting a blog is not rocket science. You will only need to follow my steps and you could also do that just like i do.

Starting a blog includes the following main steps:

  • Choose a Niche for Blog
  • Choose a Good Domain Name
  • Picking up the Right Hosting Platform and Plan
  • Setting up the WordPress Blog
  • Choosing a Lightweight but Beautiful Theme
  • Installing Useful Plugins
  • Write and Post Your First Blog Post Ever
  • Make Money from Blogging

So let’s move further.

#1 Choose a Perfect Niche For Your Blog (Very Important Step to Success)

Choose Your Blog Niche

This is the most important part to get success. Without a great niche you can get success in blogging. So think clearly what you want to write about in your blog.

Niche is the important factor of the success of a blog. So think wisely whether you want to write articles about blogging, digital marketing or tech articles. The name of your blog is most important factor and that depend upon your niche.


If you start blogging in Digital Marketing but you dont know about digital marketing then you will not be able to provide satisfaction to your audience. So always start a blog in the niche which you are interested about or have much knowledge of that.

Don’t believe? see this.


This is the income proof of shoutmeloud and you can see that they are earning motre then $400 at the starting of their blog. This is the power of chosing a right niche for blog. So always chose the niche which is more profitable and passionate to you.

If you are passionate about a niche and if that niche is profitable to you then you should go for that only.


Here are the things which which you should considered before choosing a Niche for Blog.


  • See that you can make good money or not?
  • Choose a niche that have enough keywords so you don’t get exhausted quickly.
  • Check that if you can apply affiliate links to them or not.


  • Are you interested in working in that niche.
  • Can you share the article for that niche.
  • Can you create unique and fresh content?

So take your time do some more research about niche and go for the one which you find suitable for you in all conditions. Check out these steps to find a profitable niche about your blog.

#2 Choose a Good Domain for Your Blog

Choose A Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog

Picking a good domain for your blog is not a tough work. You can easily select a perfect domain name for you blog if you don’t know yet. If you now how to choose a domain then skip this part.

When i started my blogging journey, i wasted too many domain because i dont know how to choose the perfect domain name for blog. But with the passing time and learning more about blogging i get to know how to choose a perfect domain.

Here are some point to kept in mind before selecting a domain name for blog.

Keep it Short & Simple – Try to choose a domain name as short as possible and should be easy to pronounce that or type that easily. Don’t make it hard for other to remember the name also.

Dont Use Numbers – Ensure that you always use letters in doman name. Dont try to add numbers if you dont find a good name.

Use a TLD Extension – Alwys use a tld extension like .com and .net to your domain name. You can also choose extension according to your geographical location, it will help google to provide you content to right audience.

Use Keywords – Try to insert your keyword in domain name. It wil help in SEO of blog.

If you want to quickly boost your SEO score then try Expired Domain.

#3 Choose a Good Host for Your Blog

Choose A Good Host

For making a blog you need to have a good domain name along with a good host.

A domain name plays a front role to increase your blogs in social media or help your audience and search engines to easily find your blog. But a host play an important role in back.

Without a good host yoiu can’t achieve a good place in search engines as well as your audience. Because no one like to visit a site which is very slow in loading.

So what a good hosting should considered of?

  • High Uptime
  • Fast Severs with low Response Time
  • HTTPS/2 Protocol
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Inbuilt Cache System
  • SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Good support
  • Daily Backup Facility.
  • Multiple datacenter Locations

And more. There are more things to consider while selecting a good host. But even if your host have the above-said thing then its great to start with them.

There are many hosting are available on internet which promises to give you all that listed above but they also have some limitations. So instead to providing a long list I will suggest you to use Siteground.

Wait, you want to know why i am recommending siteground and not other hiost like Blueshost.

Because Bluehost, HostGator, Resellerclub are the EIG companies and the are only on the internet to make good money. These EIG Comapnies will not help you to speed up your WordPress Blog.

Still don’t believe see the proof,

See what is my blog speed and result on GTMetrix. This are expected result as i am hosted on Cheap Hosting.

Bloggerhunt Speed Before Siteground Migration

But now look at results which i acheieved after migrating to Siteground.

Siteground Speed Test GTmetrix

My Blog is 85% faster the previous host and also it is more compressed with low HTTP requset. So this is adavantage of choosing a great host when starting a blog. I am not saying you to choose higher plans of siteground go easily with your comfort,

And believe me Siteground is the best WordPress hosting comapany to start a blog. Only i am not saying this look below what others are saying about Siteground.

So lets move on and go further.

Siteground provides 3 different plans according to your need. If you have low budget start with StartUp plan or else go for GrowBig plans which is most popular among the bloggers.

Even my website is hosted on Siteground GrowBig plans which cost me $71.40/year.

Follow these steps to purchase siteground hosting for your blog.

1. Click oin this link to start your first blog on siteground.

Siteground Plan Comparision

Now chose the startup plan if you are just starting your blog.

2. Choose Your Favorite Domain

Choose Domain From Siteground

If you are don’t have a domain then you can register a new from here itself. If you have a domain name already registered with another registrar then type the domain name and click next.

3. Fill Your Account Information

Siteground Account Info

Fill your name and other information to create an account in Siteground.

4. Enter Your Debit/Credit Card Information

Siteground Payment Gateway

Fill your Debit or Credit card information to make a payment. You can also you PayPal to checkout.

5. Confirm the Details and Make Payment

Siteground Check Out

You have to agree their terms and conditions.

After that click on the Pay Now button and within few seconds you will be redirected to your new dashboard. All you details like username and password will be send to your Email.

Congratulation you have successfully opted for Siteground.

#4 Setting Up WordPress Blog

Set Up WordPress Blog

Since you have purchased domain name and also a good host. Its time for setting up the WordPress in your news host.

Installing the wordpress in Siteground is very easy it just a click away. The whole process is very easy and within a minute you will have your new WordPress ready.

First of all login to your Siteground account and choose start a new website under My Sites options.

Siteground Dashboard

After that choose the WordPress from the software selection list.

Now you will be prompoted with a dialogue box to enter Email Id, Username and Password which will be used to login dashboard of your WordPress blog.

This are very important information so enter correct details and also keep a note of that because you will need them later to log in wordpress dashboard.

After filling all the information click on complete setup and you are done. Within a few seconds it will create a new WordPress site for you.

Click on the proceed button to go to hosting area.

Now, click on my account button on the menu and click on the installation tab:

Now, click on the Go to Admin Panel to visit your new blog admin dashboard:

Now, you will redirect to your WordPress dashboard after that enter your login details which you choose during the installation and click on the login button:

Thats sit, you have completely set up the wordpress for your new blog. Use to login in dashboard of your blog. (Replace with your domain name.)

#5 Choose A Light Weight & Beautiful Theme

Choose WordPress Theme

Now its time to impress your audience with a attention garbbing theme. Not just attention grabbing but also choose theme which is light in weight.

So which theme is best for you.

I will highly recommend you to use light weight themes like GeneratePress, Astra and more. A theme plays a very important role in speeding your blog. If you have a good theme your site will load faster.

But on other side if you have theme like newspaper and other which are very bulky in size will decrease your performance and incarese your website loading time.

Some of theme which i personally use on my Blog.

Astra Pro – Astra Pro is a light weight and easy to customize theme. It has every features which you want from a blog. You can also use Elementor Pro to customize your homepage or other pages.

GeneratePress – One of the best theme which is very light weight and easy to customize. I use this theme on most of my blogs because of its speed and light weight around 300Kb in size. The execution time of this theme is very low and fast.

Scheme Theme – Schema theme is crafted by mythemeshop, and the best part of this theme that’s this is search engine optimized. It’s also the fastest theme aswell.

Now you have chosen the theme its time for installing that theme in your WordPress Blog.

To do this simply go to Dashorad > Themes > Add New and you will have something like this .

WordPress Theme

After that its time to upload your newly downloaded theme in wordpress. Just select upload and choose Astra Pro to upload it. Once uploaded successfully click on active theme.

You are done installing a theme.

#6 Installing Useful Plugins

WordPress Plugin

Now its time tio use some essential WordPress plugin. These plugins are very important if you want to achieve a good SEO score or maximize your WordPress features.

There are tons of WordPress plugin available in reciprocity but most of they are just overloaded and eat your resources. So I have selected best wordpress plugins which you should install in your new blog.

Here is the list of Plugins which i Personally Use.

Elementor – This is one of the best page builder plugins for WordPress. I use these plugin to design the homepage as well as blog post. Even the homepage of bloggerhunt is designed by this elementor plugin.

JetPack – It is 2nd best essential plugin for wordpress. Jetpack allows you to fight against SPAM and Bruteforce attack. The best part of jetpack is that you can get exact stats of your blog.

Akismet – Comment spamming is one of the biggest issue for bloggers. Many pro bloggers use automate scripts to build a backlink with help of comments and try to spam your blog. Akismet will help you to fight againt these spammy commnets. –  If you are writing an informative article which has a lot of image in it so this plugin tries to optimize your images and by this your website load fast.

WP Rocket – You already know that speed is one factor to rank on google. So wp rocket is the plugin, which helps you to optimize your full website and make it faster. I strongly recommend you to buy this plugin if you are looking for an alternative to this so you can go with autoptimize. 

Rank Math SEO – SEO is important to rank and drive a lot of traffic. Rank math is the new SEO plugin that becomes a favorite for every blogger now. Many bloggers suggest you go with Yoast, but I don’t recommend that because they don’t have lots of features like that.

Social Snap Pro – Social snap is a social sharing plugin, But I like this plugin so much because they help to drive traffic from mediums like – Facebook, Twitter, and many more platforms.

#7 Right Your First Post Content

Write First Blog Post

After doing all this, it time for to do actual thing i.e write a blog post. Before writing a blog post keep some points in your mind.

When you write a blog post, your post should be unique and clear so that it can easily understand by your audience. Always try using simple words and have a clear concept. Prepare a stargety how you start and how you going to end that post.

Your Post should content all things which the audience want and it should be as per your title. If you a long articlke try to divide in multiple parts by using Read More tag.

Do Proper On Page SEO

WordPress Blog Post

Your post should have a good length and should meet ceratin on-page SEO standards. This include including keywords in Heading and Post Title.

Don’t try to use keyword multiple time (Keyword Stuffing) to achieve a good SEO score in Rank Math or Yoast SEO Plugin. Write your article naturally.and go with flow.

#8 Make Money from Blogging

Make Money from Blogging

Now you have understood basic of how to start a blog in 2020 with a detailed and easy guide. So its time to get profilt from your blog.

You can earn money from a blog in various way. You can apply for Google Adsense as well as other advertising companies and earn money by showing ads. Affiliate links are also best way to earn high and passive income from blogging.

You can also take sponsorship links and earn a lot of bucks by giving some backlinks from your blog.

Wrapping Up & Now Whats Next?

So i think you now got enough information about starting a blog in 2020 and how to use that blog to earn a passive income.

But don’t think that doing only this wil help you to become rich. In fact this is just a beginning to blogging journey. There are lot of thing like SEO and Social Marketing which start after doing all above things.

So if you done all above try to do Off Page SEO and share your article to social platform so you can get more organic visitors to your blog.

You can turn your passive blog income into a million income blog.I hope you like this article and it will help you to start a blog in 2020.

If you really like the article dont forget to share it. Remember sharing is caring.

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